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Anonymous asked:
Could you please make a gif hunt of Zane Holtz?

Sure, love!

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I’ll be here for a couple of minutes in case you need something.

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Anonymous asked:
Hello there! I was wondering if you have any ideas for FCS that could be the son of Amber Heard? Boy with 3-5..? I am sorry bother you or for my bad english. Thank you sweetie <3

Don’t worry at all, sweets! I’m not the best with child FC’s, especially when they’re that young, but Bentley Edwards or Brecken Lawrence could work really well.

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Even after the loved ones of young adults in a gang were murdered by the Raiders early on in life, the ones still suffering from the losses are still bound together in a crew referred to as the Anarchy. As the Anarchy are getting back on their feet after the fatal attack made by the Raiders, they plan to reclaim what rightfully belongs to their descendants. The Anarchy is an RP based in California, following a small gang/crew. (Shout out? Thanks in advance)

Give them a look.

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ninaplots asked:
Hello! I was wondering if you could do a downloadable gif hunt for recent Holland Roden gifs? I just don't like using gifs from early teen wolf episodes cause she looks so young, you know? Would you mind doing that?

Of course, you’ll get it either Wednesday, Thursday or on the weekend!

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 Herr Bohn

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gif hunt → salman khan


under the cut are 218 gifs (mostly hq). none of the gifs (except the one below) are mine. if you see a gif in this hunt and it’s yours - and you don’t want it there, please let me know and i’ll remove it immediately.


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✗ jade thirlwall icons ✗

as requested, under the cut you’ll be able to find #141 rp icons of jade thirlwall  which are all sized 100x100. if you found this helpful in any way, then i will greatly appreciate a like or reblog to inspire me to do more!



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20 icons of Chris Pine.


  • All icons are 100x100.
  • Chris Pine as FDR Foster.
  • All icons were made by me.
  • As requested by murderiisms.
  • If saving, please do not claim as yours.



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