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XXXIV - Abyss

First, thanks for all the positive feedback on the new theme! No one’s found any errors yet, so hopefully it stays that way. Will finish updating the side pages this week. And here’s my first chance to properly show off the new theme posts!

A new theme to share! This one is actually super, super simple and was originally created for the Theme Hunter Contest. The main feature is the drop down lists so you can now add loads of links even where there’s a fixed (or in this case, sticky) sidebar.

Please save and refresh the customize page before making any customizations/change. This will hopefully lower the number of problems. Feel free to customize however much you want, the more the better, but leave credits intact. It would also be great if you could ‘like’ this post if using the theme.

- Live Preview
- Last Update: 08 July 2013 
- Support: Installing / Customizing / FAQ

Main Features

  • Super simple classic layout. with a choice between 400px or 500px posts.
  • Extra space for links in the sidebar with the drop down menus, add up to another 24 links.
  • Even more space for links with page links enabled.
  • Choice to add sidebar image (either through tumblr’s upload feature or external hosting) which will be automatically resized to 180px.
  • Like and reblog button included.
  • A full list of features and how to use them included on the live preview.
  • Download the codes under the read more.

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PSD 3 BY alliargens DOWNLOAD

  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. 
  • I know you hate, but like or reblog if you use/save.
  • Adjust the layers if you need.

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template #01 by pornps

like or reblog if you download and don’t repost it.

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Hi this is the template 01 for headers made by arescoloring! I hope you like! Please don’t claim as your own and if you downloaded like or reblog. Enjoy!! xx

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download (contains 1, 046 gifs, 15 sidebars, and 18 icons)

As a way to thank you guys for 300+ followers, I'm making a few FC Packs for Korean idols. If something doesn't work, don't hesitate to let me know. The first pack if of Girls' Generation's IM YOONA. She's the groups visual is highly known for not only performing as a group, but for being a talented actress and the queen of CFs. 

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A small FC-Pack for Australian actress INDIANA EVANS. This was made for roleplay purpose only and the content belongs to the rightful owners. Please like this if you download. Feel free to reblog too.

#87 small/medium mostly hq GIFs (more can be found here)

#14 Icons


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psd no.7 - drizzle

  • for drizzle, my wonderful chum
  • please like/reblog if using
  • download here


  • fonts: muggle news (left), ocr a extended (right)
  • features: customization for different houses and year groups
  • tips: looks best when you use images of your fc which have a black background, or if you use a transparent png

Downloading, reassembling and reposting this components of this psd as your own is stealing. If you steal, redistribute or claim my work as your own I will feed you to nagini/make it public.  (◕‿◕✿)

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5.psd for icons by grimoirepsdsOur psds are totally free so please respect our work, we do it all for you and all we ask is a reblog/like ♥. Don’t repost this post, plagiarises is a crime, your reblog/like inspires us to do more → ♡ download 

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  • PSD13 by carol (@) [sem psd]
  • Please, like or reblog if you save/use.

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theme 07 by asschlinthemes: preview | download

  • simple, four custom links, hover navigation.
  • 245PX sidebar
  • hover tags

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