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Castle Walls
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mediterranean sunrise

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I don’t want to sound greedy, rude or anything like that, but it would mean the world to me if I’d hit my goal on adfly this month. Every click counts and makes me so, so happy. If you’d like to support me with one click, click here. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I’ll try my best to give you all something back. A huge giveaway will be up soon and manip requests will be re-opened in the following days as well. I wish you all an amazing day or night.

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 Anonymous  asked:
 Hello love! I've got a question, and I thought maybe you could help with it? What age range do you think Freya Tingley could fit? Thanks a lot and have a lovely day!

Hello there, lovely! Of course I can help you with that. In my opinion she could pass as being eighteen up to twenty four years.

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 Anonymous  asked:
 Hello. I was wondering if you are able to do a Halloween manip of Matt Lanter dressed in a costume?

I don’t do such special manips, unless I announce it somewhere in a post. I’m sorry about that, anon.


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 Anonymous  asked:
 hi! can you please help me find a first female name that goes with the surname styles? thanks.

I think that these sound pretty:

  • Jane
  • Philomena
  • Amanda
  • Danielle
  • Isabella
  • Grace


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 seafordrp  asked:
 Can we please get a shoutout? We're a brand new OC roleplay centered around a small town. We're open to underused, overused, and anyone you'd like to play as an fc. We have one app already and would love to begin with some great new writers! Thank you!

Give them a look!

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I’m honestly so happy to be back home, work has been busy as always. I’ll empty my inbox and in the meantime you’re welcome to requests anything you need. My WID list can be found here, in case you don’t know what I offer.

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i. cul de sac ☯ ii. fruitopia ☯ iii. grutchshaded ☯ iv. mixtape ☯ v. pijamas ☯ vi. plateaux ☯ vii. quand tu n'es pa la☯ viii. return to sender ☯ ix. royal acidbath ☯ x. zou


Here you will find 58 GIF Icon’s and 423 Static RP Icons of Mia Wasikowska from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. All of the GIF Icons were made by me, and a portion of the RP Icons were as well, the rest are just ones the I’ve collected. All of the icons are 100x100 in size. Requested by anonymous. Like/reblog if you found this helpful, useful or if you are a RPH. You’re lovely ❀ cassieofrph


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This guide is meant to inspire and give a little more information on what would count and be important when writing or planning on playing an artist. Artists are cool.

I will discuss the following:

  • Background
  • Art movements
  • Forms of Art
  • Money
  • Workplace
  • Common characteristics

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