PEACE-RPH makes a gradient - Colors of Spring

So I was just fiddling around on Photoshop and sort of liked what happened! Displayed above are 8 different gradient psds. Please like or reblog if you download, and it’d be nice if you didn’t redistribute this as your own. Enjoy! 

download ✌

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PNG Pack for: Iggy Azalea

7 PNGs for the lovely, Iggy Azalea, that was requested by no one. All PNG’s were made by me so please don’t redistribute them or put them in your own png pack. Please like/reblog if using ♡ Download

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a playlist about a couple who are in a secret relationship.

{i} Somewhere Only We Know — Keane {ii} Untouchable — Taylor Swift {iii} If These Sheets Were The States — All Time Low {iv} In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley) — Andrew Belle {v} Stay The Night — James Blunt {vi} Secondhand — Cassadee Pope {vii} I Would — One Direction {viii} Let’s Runaway — Dido {ix} As Long As You Love Me (feat. Big Sean) — Justin Bieber {x} Just Be — Paloma Faith {xi} No One — Alicia Keys {xii} Be Still — The Fray {xiii} Die In Your Arms — Ariana Grande (Cover) {xiv} Adore You — Miley Cyrus {xv} Past Lives — Ke$ha {xvi} They Don’t Know About Us — One Direction {xvii} Somewhere In Neverland — All Time Low {xviii} Always Be Together — Little Mix {xix} I Really Want You (Radio Edit) — James Blunt {xx} We Own The Night — Selena Gomez & The Scene (feat. Pixie Lott) {xxi} Just Can’t Get Enough (Radio Mix) — The Saturdays {xxii} Remember — Kari Kimmel {xxiii} When You’re Gone — Paloma Faith {xxiv} Kiss You Up — Shontelle {xxv} Here With Me — Dido {xxvi} Lucky Ones — Lana Del Ray.

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Brit Marling Faceclaim Pack

Here is a fc pack of the incredible Brit Marling known for The East and Another Earth. She is 30 years old, but can easily play anyone around 25-31. Brit Marling is a gem. She writes many of the independent films she stars in, and has made quite the name for herself in certain circles. Now, she has a new film coming out, and has other projects lined up, so you can be assured she’ll be a big name soon. Brit can play a variety of roles, and really I’d love to see her as someone vain because most of the characters she plays are usually quiet and thoughtful.

I do not take credit for any of the gifs in this pack. However, all the icons, and headers were made by me, so do not claim as your own or include them in any other fc packs.

  • Gifs: 392 all sizes, most are HQ. Some might be over 1MB, and HERE is an explanation of how to use those. 
  • Icons: 50150x150
  • Headers: 20 - 500x270
  • Sidebars: 10 - 250x670


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  • 160px sidebar image (make sure it’s squared, you can crop your pic here)
  • Sidebar description and navigation that appear after you hover the sidebar
  • Up to three optional sidebar links
  • Optional Lazy Load
  • Webkit scrollbar


  • Don’t move, remove or alter the credit
  • Don’t redistribute as your own or take snippets from the code
  • You can edit the code as you wish as long as you respect the rules

Please, like/reblog this post if you’re planning to use the theme. Enjoy!

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↳ Live Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)

  • An all-in-one page.
  • Includes the front, about, tags, links and blogroll.
  • Full page background.
  • Front page consists of an automatically recircled avatar and a short quote.
  • About page consists of a portrait image, both stats and biography section; you can choose to take either out.
  • Tags page consists of 8 sections, 5 tags in each box.
  • Links page consists of 15 links.
  • Features of the blogroll is pretty similar to 「CASHMERE
  • Colored scrollbar for the blogroll only works in Chrome.
  • Little notes are added in the code itself for referencing.
  • Feel free to approach me if you have any questions.
  • Reblog and/or like if you’re using them.

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I’m dumb and I can’t remember your new url.

Real quick, would anyone up to a 1x1 with me? I’d like to play a Liam Payne FC and I need some fluff and drama. I don’t have a certain plot, but I just want to write again. And I want to have feels. Please message me? Like, before we start we have to have chemistry, otherwise I’ll most likely drop it later. Sounds harsh, but that’s how it is. So uh please message me, so we can talk a little? I’m like a puppy, I promise.

Hi! We're a brand new RP centered around a giant tour featuring artists like Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, One Direction, Austin Mahone, 5SOS, and Emblem3! We've got plenty of characters still open and an empty inbox. :) — otrpg

Check them out, please.


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You gotta say 5 things you like about one of your characters and then send to ten of your favourite followers — castielofrps

Unfortunately I don’t have any active characters. I would love to answer. But I’m one of your favorite follower and this means a lot to me.


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